Summer Heat

Book Cover: Summer Heat
Part of the 4M Ranch Series series:
  • Summer Heat

The only person Misty Summers can rely on is herself, and she takes the responsibility seriously. Until, in a moment of weakness, a muscular bull rider and a few beers on a hot Texas night lands her in the exact situation she’s determined to avoid. Pregnant and broke, she seeks solace in her hometown of Crystal Cove, Florida, hoping a return to the last place she remembers happiness is a good place to start over.

Bronson McCabe, owner of the 4M ranch, is in a bind. The annual workers’ appreciation picnic is fast approaching, and his longtime cook eloped with a woman he met on the internet. Considering there’s not a soul on the ranch who can boil water without ruining the pot, Bronson’s hot on the trail of a substitute chef. When Misty shows up on his doorstep asking for a favor, he’s stunned to see the awkward girl he remembers is now a sexy, confident woman. He agrees to her request, but only if she’ll handle catering the picnic.

Start with a man jaded by a past filled with hurt and betrayal, add in a woman with a secret that could keep them apart forever, sprinkle in a bunch of nosy townspeople intent on your happiness, and you’ve got the ingredients for a Summer Heat...