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Available August 25th.
Available August 25th.

Available August 25, 2014

Twenty-two-year-old historical romance writer Nicole Blake, or N.S. Blake to her readers, hasn’t taken an official poll, mind you, but she is convinced she may be the only romance author on the planet who is still a card-carrying member of the virgin club.
Not that she hasn’t tried to end her membership. Life just keeps finding pesky ways to interfere. With no prospects on the horizon, Nicole begins to feel like the closest she will ever get to experiencing a man is within her own stories.
Opportunity presents itself in the form of hot-as-sin-on-a-lollipop-stick bartender/premed student Alec Petropoulos, who agrees to be the cover model for her upcoming book. Sparks fly instantly between them, and Nicole begins to entertain the possibility that she’s finally found the right guy to hand over her tattered V-card. Alec has all the makings for a perfect one-night-stand candidate except, much to Nicole’s surprise, he seems to be the only man in existence not interested in bagging a virgin.
Stuck between a rock and a stubborn male, what’s a virgin to do? Seduce him, of course. How hard could it be? If it works for the characters in her stories, why wouldn’t it work for her?
After all, what happens under the cover…stays under the cover.



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About Tiffany King
USA Today Bestselling author Tiffany King is a lifelong reading fanatic who is now living her dream as a writer, weaving Young Adult and New Adult romance tales for others to enjoy. She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids. (Five, if you count her three spoiled cats). Her addictions include: Her iPhone and iPad, chocolate, Diet Coke, chocolate, Harry Potter, chocolate, zombies and her favorite TV shows. Want to know what they are? Just ask.
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“Dreams do come true…Dream big.”


The Big Easy Blog Tour – Cozy Cove Series

iStock_000017057586XLargeThe Big Easy Blog Tour features authors and helps you understand the writing process. I was asked by the lovely Lynne St. James who just had a new release Embracing Her Surrender. You can find out more about Lynne at

What am I working on?

I’m just finishing up book two in my Cozy Cove series. This story takes is about Constance Lucas, Cookie to all of her friends. She was in book one as a close friend to the heroine Olivia and now she is about to be struck by the love in this story. Our hero is a new character to arrives in Cozy Cove and sets Cookie on fire.

How does my work differ from others in the same genre?

My contemporary romance stories take place in a small-town where the people are like quirky family and friends we all have met at some point in our lives. People we know and love. I like to add a touch of humor to a steamy romance. When the story ends there is no mistaking these two people are going to remain together.

Why I write what I do?

I like what I like to read but I also have a long list of book ideas. As a matter of fact I have a Sci-fi romance in the works as well. My imagination is endless and diverse. I plan on writing in several genres so look for a broad variety fro me in the future.

How does my writing process work?

I am not a plotter at all. I have an idea of the characters and a skeleton idea of the story but as I write and develop the characters, the plot unfolds naturally taking twists and turns in unexpected directions.
That means, characters are added all the time that I wasn’t expecting as they are needed to rule the storyline.

If you haven’t visited Cozy Cove and read book one in the series Irresistibly Delicious, the buy link is available on my webpage or my Amazon author page.

Released in January.
Released in January.



The Crazy Month of May.

This month has been a month filled with good news in a crazy sort of way. My house is finally getting the needed repairs from the tornado that hit us last February. It took this long for the insurance company to settle but now we’re well on our way to fixing the final issues.

IMG_0566I have been invited to be a featured artist at our local art gallery in town. So I am busy painting for the show.IMG_0569 My husband is graduating from Medical School after a long road of studying. He has taken on volunteering for Hospice and also has a medical missionary trip planned for early next year.

My Fragrance Irresistibly Delicious!
My Fragrance Irresistibly Delicious!

I made swag for a contest I am running for my book. SWAG is an author term for promotional materials for prizes.







All in all the month has been hectic, but in a good way. I look forward to June as the weather in central Florida grows warmer, I can’t wait to be outside enjoying the sunshine and writing by the pool. Do you have any summer trips planned? I’d love to hear about them.


Writing About A Tropical Paradise Takes the Winter Blues Away.

Well I’m back to the land of the living. I’ve had some sort of head and chest cold for the past week but thankfully it’s gone now.IMG_2484 The cooler damp weather here in Florida wasn’t helping me to feel any better, causing the lag in my recovery. Most of you probably think I’m a bit of a whiner, when you compare the temperatures and snow the rest of the country has been forced to endure this winter, but I’ve lived in Florida for twenty-four years and this winter for us was the coldest we’ve had in  long while.

Since I lost so much time last week, I have thrown myself into my writing to try to catch up. I’m so excited about book two in my Cozy Cove series. It takes place in tropical Florida but centers more around the ocean and beach. 13_11AFor inspiration during the colder climate, I turned to pictures from a trip taken a few years ago in Grand Cayman.

We snorkeled around the coral reef. The colors of the fish couldn’t really be captured with my disposable underwater camera. The highlight of my snorkeling adventure was seeing a baby sea turtle and snapping his picture on film.

I’m a beach or pool person. The best form of relaxation for me is to stretch out by the pool or surf side in the sun. These days I use an umbrella to defuse the harmful rays. My characters in this story, will enjoy the beach and fall in love, while discovering their life long dreams and achieving their goals, all the while as danger lurks to tear them apart.24_22A

Looking back at these pictures and the wonderful memories, makes me want to hop on a plane and take a flight to the islands right now. What’s your favorite way to relax? Do you like the beach, mountain climbing, snowboarding? I’d love to hear from you.


Changes In The New Year!

Last night we welcomed in 2014. Some of us in the quiet of our own homes, some of us gathered with family and friends and some of us might have spent it out among strangers. After a turbulent 2013, my year ended on a positive note. We received many blessings towards the end of the year. My first book, Irresistibly Delicious was released on New Years Eve 2013.daf-cc-id-full

A new year with endless possibilities awaits us.IMG_2391 For our family this will be a year of change. I’m not one to embrace changes, I adapt to them out of necessity and my husband likes change even less. People say change is good. I imagine if you’re not happy with a situation, then change is a good thing. In my case I’m torn. The excitement of moving to a new location for my husbands work will better our future, but the sadness of leaving the area and people I love, a place I’ve called home for the past ten years is difficult.

In the meantime I will continue to work on my stories,make soaps for family and friends, paint my paintings and look forward to a bright new year with endless possibilities. What are your hopes for 2014? I’d love to hear from you.