When We Reach Our Goals.

IMG_0713My life has been quite busy over the last few weeks. After years of hard work and dedication my husband graduated from medical school. I was thinking back about our long journey together. For as long as we have been together he has been in school, first college, then graduate, and then medical school. I am going to take a moment to brag, because he graduated with honors from both UCF and medical school.

We had a wonderful time at the graduation ceremony and after we returned home from our traveling, he said it was strange not to have to study for hours everyday. He said he finally reached a goal he had been pursuing for years. So many people don’t get to say that.

We are both very fortunate to be able to make that statement. I achieved my goal of becoming a published author last December and on June 9th my first book came out in print! None of this came easy for either of us and we are very grateful.IMG_4151

Now the second phase of the hard work begins. For me, I have almost completed my second book in this series and my husband will begin a residency program. The hard work isn’t over we are just shifting into a different part of the process.

So I ask you what are you goals? Have you reached them or still working on them like we are?