Be Grateful – I’m Grateful For What I Have, Are you?

grateful-words-0111-2I awake each day looking forward to what new wonders await me. I wish that were the case with so many people I know. I naturally tend to avoid negative people. Not only is it draining, but sometimes these ungrateful people are so self consumed they don’t even realize how they sound. That maybe what they’re complaining about, someone else would be thankful to have.

Everyday, I have a friend who is constantly complaining about her job. Her list of complaints are in fact minimal. There’s nothing really wrong with it except for the fact that she’s actually tired of working, and would like to stay at home. The flip side of that is I have another friend who is desperately trying to find work. She would kill for my other friends’ position and salary, everyday she struggles to make ends meet, sometimes is not even sure of where their next meal will come from.

When I look at these two individuals facing different aspects of life each day. I am grateful for everything I have. A husband who loves me, a son who I adore, my wonderful dogs and a cat, a beautiful extended family and friends who are always there if I need them. My life is far from perfect, but I am grateful for what I have. When I was young I often heard the expression there is always someone worse off than you are. Back then, I wonder who the heck these people were? As a kid everything is the end of the world. But, how true that was. There were and still are people living in cars or on the streets. I grew up in a home.marriage-advice-gratitude-2-2

So as I leave you with this blog post today I ask you to be grateful and thankful for all you have. Life is too short not to be.



What’s Your Favorite Color? Mine’s Green!

imagesLately I have been playing around on Facebook taking a few personality quizzes. You may have seen them, Which biblical character are you? Which Star Wars Character are you? What were you in a past life? Things like that have been popping up in my feed.

I’ll admit I should be writing, but I file this under personal research. One thing I did notice is a lot of the time they asked you to select a color. I always pick green. I love the color. I don’t know why exactly but I do love almost every shade of green too.

I decided to Google what picking green as a favorite color meant. I was so surprised what I read. The description could have been written about me. Here are a few things on the list.

People who like green love nature and animals. I agree with this since I have four dogs, a cat, eleven birds, and like to paint trees and landscapes.IMG_0574

They are stable and well balanced. I hope so but you’d have to ask my family and I’m not sure they would agree!

IMG_0578They are kind and generous and compassionate, and at times tend to neglect themselves to help others. I tend to overextend myself and volunteer so I agree with that too.

They are intelligent and love to learn, tend to wear their heart on their sleeve, a loyal friend and strong willed. True, true, and true. The strong willed part isn’t one of my best traits. I can be quite stubborn.

People who like green are frank. I often say, “You might not like what I said, but at least you know where you stand.” I don’t care for people who pretend or are fake, or just tell you what you want to hear.

They are good listeners and can view problems from all angles. I have always been this way, it helps me make what I hope is the best decisions for the current situation.

UnknownIt’s amazing when you do a little research what you can discover about yourself. So what’s your favorite color? Google it and I bet you’ll be surprised at what you rediscover about yourself. Leave me a comment and tell me what’s your color and why.


Making Soap Eases Anxiety

IMAG0423These past few weeks have been extremely busy for me. I’ve been working on book two in my series, making soap, painting and looking at all of my accumulated things in my home.

As the intern match process draws closer, I find myself going through closets and curios. (For those of you who may not have read my earlier posts, my husband is finishing up medical school.) Each time I pick something up and say, “When we move will I take this with me?” If the answer is “no” it’s moved to the goodwill pile or giveaway.

3-556-IMAG1599All of this kazoo leaves me feeling overwhelmed. One way for me to relieve my anxiety about this hellacious process is to use my creative outlets. Hellacious you might ask? Well, the way the medical intern residency match works these days is you interview in several locations and a computer generates where you will move to. So we have no idea what state we could end up in.

I’m happy I have the ability to paint, write and create soap. The soap ingredients I use are all natural and organic. Making soap is very therapeutic. The scent of the essential oils and fragrances have a calming effect to ease my nerves. I love when people tell me how much they have enjoyed my products. My neighbor and I trade soap for her herbs from her garden. It’s a wonderful deal for me. One day she asked if I wanted some fresh basil, rosemary etc, and I offered her rose scented soap. We’ve been trading ever since.

Right now I am busy created and etsy store for my soap called Natures own soaps n such.

I hope to have some products listed today. Until today I have basically been receiving orders by word of mouth. One of the main items ordered  a lot is the Bamboo Charcoal soap which works wonders on skin conditions. If you have a moment later on today check out my store on etsy or like my page on Facebook


Removing The Emotional Vampires From Your Life

iStock_000017057586XLargeWe all have them. Those emotional vampires. People who are so called “friends” or “family” that drain you day after day with their problems, call for solutions to theirs and ask for favors, yet never reciprocate. Or maybe for you it’s something else like you’re job.

Each year, another birthday clicks by, no matter how we try to snap off the hands of time, it moves forward. Each year, we should be working towards living a more peaceful and harmonious life. That means ridding ourselves of the unecessary burden thrown at by others. I’ve decided I’m not going to entertain the kind of garbage that’s littered my life from other people. I’ve learned to release unhealthy hurtful statements tossed at me by others.

By nature I’m an optimist. There’s always tomorrow and it will be even better than today. My husband feel this is why people cling to me because as he puts it, “my cheerful demeanor makes them feel better” in the moment. I’m forever trying to offer helpful suggestions and raise their spirits.

Unfortunately it’s draining and brings me down for a spell. I don’t need to boast or brag about my life to others, so I fight off their negativity by living my life full of happiness and love. I’m truly blessed to have a wonderful family, awesome friends, and fluffy pets who worship me because I feed them every time I enter the kitchen.

Life is so short. So stop hosting those emotional vampires, and start living your life – each day to the fullest. I am. Why not join me!

By the way here’s my latest book. I’m thrilled how well it’s been received:


Holiday Gifts From The Heart.

I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. But like everyone else I’ve been busy with the pre-holiday rush, family and festivities. IMG_2312I decorated five large trees in my home and also decorated my parents tree as well.

Then I decided to make some presents for friend and family. As some of you know I make soap, paint and write too. Squeezing the time in to fit everything can and is a real challenge.


I painted three paintings as gifts and made bars of peppermint soap. IMG_2304For my father, I made a few joke bars of soap to look like his fish tank full of fish.

I have always made gifts for family and friends in addition to my holiday shopping. I think it adds a special meaning to the word giving. Do you make any gifts of food, crafts or have any special traditions that add to your holiday experience? I would love to hear from you.


A Double Thanksgiving Sounds Just Fine With Me

I moved to Florida from New Jersey in September 1989. It seems like ions ago. As I’m writing this I still can’t believe it has been that long, but I’ve loved every minute of living in Florida hurricanes and all. I hate the cold. IMG_0295

The first year my parents flew down for Thanksgiving which started a new family tradition. Every year since then, I have made Thanksgiving dinner and my parents flew down until they retired in Florida eleven years ago.

The down side was that my parents spent Christmas with my sister back in New Jersey even after they moved to Florida. So our family is use to being alone for Christmas.

This year my sister and her family is visiting for a few days two weeks before Thanksgiving. Somehow the idea of an early Thanksgiving was suggested. I have not spent a Thanksgiving with my sister and her family in twenty-four years!


So in two weeks I am cooking Thanksgiving and then we will be having a second Thanksgiving on the twenty-eighth of this month.

No one is complaining at my house. My husband’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and he is thrilled we are having a double holiday this month.

So this month in honor of the turkey. I am going to post recipes that celebrate this holiday. Do you have any different family dishes you prepare on Thanksgiving? I’d love to hear about your holiday traditions.


Weekend Plans!

imagejpeg_2_5I don’t know about you, but I get so excited when it’s the weekend. I usually have trouble deciding what I want to do with my two precious days. Should I go fishing, garden, or swim?

May_2010_065I’m fortunate enough to live in Central Florida one of the tourist capitals in the world, right? So I could go to a theme park or hit the beach, the list of attractions are endless.

Of course there is football on Sunday to consider, and I have the NFL Sunday ticket so I get all of the games.  Maybe a nice spa treatment at home to relax!

IMG_0329What are your plans for the weekend? Do you do anything special or dine out at a favorite restaurant? Leave a comment I’d love to hear from you.