Be Opened to Change.

For the past five years I have carried the same purse made by Brahmin. It’s a beautiful wallet on string which I love. I couldn’t imagine having any other shoulder bag. It was small and compact. Perfect, because if I had a larger purse I had the tendency to fill it up with all types of things I didn’t need.

Old Brahim wallet on a string.
Old Brahim wallet on a string.

The wallet on a string also had sentimental value. My husband purchased it for me as a gift before he started the long journey of medical school. If you look up Brahmin handbags, you’ll see they carry a hefty price tag. Not extremely expensive but enough that someone like myself wouldn’t have a closet stocked with more than one. I also don’t switch my purse to match my outfit unless going out to a formal event. The reason, I’m usually in too big of a hurry to bother having packed my day with a weeks worth of things to do.

So when this bag I loved started to become worn out and I toyed with the idea of replacing it. I visited the Brahmin site and to my horror discovered my beloved wallet on a string was discontinued! After all it HAD been five years, but I didn’t care I wanted THAT purse.

After hunting on ebay for a new one with no such luck, we went to the local mall one afternoon to shop for some well needed clothes for my husband. As we walked through the mall, my husband saw the Brahmin store. Realizing I had been complaining for weeks about the fact my purse had been discontinued, he took control and shoved me inside the store. There he explained my situation to one of the lovely woman working the floor. She immediately went to a rack of the styles that had replaced my wonderful wallet bag. I stared in horror as they looked larger and weren’t what I had grown attached to and loved for the past five year. I mean how could I get used to all the compartments being located in a different area?

New Brahmin bag I love.
New Brahmin bag I love.

My husband, who despises shopping stared at me like I had two heads. “She’ll take this one,” he said and went to the register to pay for it. Sweat began to pour out from my brow. He was buying me this expensive purse AND he was going to expect me to use it! But how could I? This one was a huge change from my other bag.

He decided to withhold the purse until my birthday which was in two weeks. Good, because this allowed me a little more time to adjust to the idea of replacement of my leather appendage of the past five years.

On June 1st, my birthday,  I received my new Brahim bag. I opened it and placed in on a chair giving it the stare down for a few days. I knew I had to break away from my old worn-out love and replace it. As I switched all of my personal items from the old compact bag to the slightly larger one I discovered I no longer needed a separate cellphone wristlet, the new bag had a spot just for cellphones, also I could keep my sunglasses in this bag and it had a zipped in wallet to hold all credit and debit cards. It wasn’t too large or heavy at all. Suddenly I was in love. Change can be good! Sometimes we are stuck in our old ways and can’t see that doing something differently might just be the best thing for us after all.

Have you ever been stuck doing something one way, only to discover a new found freedom when someone or something makes you try to do it differently? Leave a comment and lets talk about it.