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Available August 25th.
Available August 25th.

Available August 25, 2014

Twenty-two-year-old historical romance writer Nicole Blake, or N.S. Blake to her readers, hasn’t taken an official poll, mind you, but she is convinced she may be the only romance author on the planet who is still a card-carrying member of the virgin club.
Not that she hasn’t tried to end her membership. Life just keeps finding pesky ways to interfere. With no prospects on the horizon, Nicole begins to feel like the closest she will ever get to experiencing a man is within her own stories.
Opportunity presents itself in the form of hot-as-sin-on-a-lollipop-stick bartender/premed student Alec Petropoulos, who agrees to be the cover model for her upcoming book. Sparks fly instantly between them, and Nicole begins to entertain the possibility that she’s finally found the right guy to hand over her tattered V-card. Alec has all the makings for a perfect one-night-stand candidate except, much to Nicole’s surprise, he seems to be the only man in existence not interested in bagging a virgin.
Stuck between a rock and a stubborn male, what’s a virgin to do? Seduce him, of course. How hard could it be? If it works for the characters in her stories, why wouldn’t it work for her?
After all, what happens under the cover…stays under the cover.



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About Tiffany King
USA Today Bestselling author Tiffany King is a lifelong reading fanatic who is now living her dream as a writer, weaving Young Adult and New Adult romance tales for others to enjoy. She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids. (Five, if you count her three spoiled cats). Her addictions include: Her iPhone and iPad, chocolate, Diet Coke, chocolate, Harry Potter, chocolate, zombies and her favorite TV shows. Want to know what they are? Just ask.
For information on any of Author Tiffany’s titles, visit her blog at
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“Dreams do come true…Dream big.”


Taming Chaos IS Out Today by Lynne St. James!

Taming Chaos by Lynne St. James
Taming Chaos by Lynne St. James

The blurb:

In book one of Raining Chaos: From foster care to the Garden, Raining Chaos makes their debut.  They learn fame and fortune comes with a price; it’s all in how you deal with it that makes the journey worthwhile.
Chaos is told by the record company that what got them to the top is no longer cutting it so they’re sending a songwriter.  Yeah, that goes over well…not…until she shows up.  Their chemistry is off the charts, however, for a commitment phobia guy, does Chaos really want to take the chance with his and the band’s future.
Cynda makes a promise and fulfilling it could cost her more than she ever expected.  Rock stars can’t be trusted, she knows, she lived with it all her life.  When she shows up to meet the band, it all changes when she’s drawn to everything she vowed would never be in her future.  But as Cynda feels the pull toward Chaos and joins them on the road, she realizes the cost of loving a rock star is huge.  A simple job and promise will change her life, now she needs to figure out whether it would be for better or worse.
Jump on the bus as Raining Chaos sets out on their tour and join them to see if making music soothes the soul or breaks the heart.
An Excerpt:
(From Cynda’s Point of View)

Yup now this is what I’d expected. Seeing all the skanky women pour into the dressing room was more than I wanted to deal with, or maybe I was just jealous? At least that’s what Michelle would say. She might be right, but hell, I’m not admitting it to anyone. Still, there was no way I was going to stand there while some hoe practically climbed into his pants.

I doubt anyone noticed when I left anyway. My suitcase was still in Michelle’s car, so I figured I might as well get it now and head to the bus. Maybe I could get settled in before they all showed up with their sex partners for the night. Gross. Seriously, how could anyone have sex with random strangers just because they were rock stars? Okay, who was I kidding, I wanted Chaos, would I give in to that—hell no. It’d be totally wrong. Isn’t that what I hated most about my father? He was all about loving them and leaving them, at least as far as mom was concerned.

Grabbing the suitcase from the car I shoved her spare key in the hideaway box under the front wheel well. Thank God I’d remembered it was there because I sure as hell hadn’t remembered to get the keys from her before I left the party. She’d been all over Flame. I knew she liked Raining Chaos but I hadn’t realized she had the hots for him until the drive over. All she did the whole time was ask about him. It was funny. Too bad this wasn’t her job for the next two weeks, she would have enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than I will.

Looking for the buses, I followed the directions dickman had given me earlier. I went back in the Garden and down the long hallway to the rear exit. I’d almost made it when I heard the sound of high heels on the tile floor behind me. Fully expecting it to be one of the skanks from the party, I turned to come face-to-face with Sweets. Oh shit.



“Cynda is it or should I just call you bitch?”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I don’t like you coming in here and butting in. We don’t need you and Chaos definitely doesn’t need you. I’ve got everything he needs right here.” She gestured across her body, and yeah she had it. Huge boobs trying to escape from the leather vest she wore over a way too short leather mini-skirt and black high heels with silver studs. If this is what he liked more power to him, it just reinforced the no sex no way rule. I thought Wrath had said they were like sisters. Maybe someone needed to tell her.

“I don’t know what your problem is, but you need to back off. I’m not here to hurt anyone or cause problems. I’m just here to do my job. You don’t like it, talk to Chaos, he’s the one who made me come on tour with you. Trust me it wasn’t my idea.”

“Yeah I know,” she answered and took a drink from the beer in her hand. She was drunk, it was obvious, but I didn’t think it mattered. She’d been shooting shitty looks at me since I’d shown up earlier.

“So if you know, why are you giving me shit?”

“Because I want you to fuckin’ walk away, stay off the fuckin’ bus. Make up some damn excuse but stay the fuck away from all of us.”

“No way. I told you I have a job to do and I’m going to do it. What the hell is your problem? I know he’s not your boyfriend, so what’s with the possessive act?”

“Bitch, you have no idea. You’d have to be crazy to think he’d want you.”

I agreed with her but it still hurt. Michelle had given me a makeover and even convinced me to buy and wear make-up. New clothes, new hair, and still there was no way I could or would want to compete with these skanks for his attention. “I told you I’m here for work. I don’t want him and I don’t care what you two do. Got that?”

I’d had enough, I was tired, it’d been a long ass day and I wanted to find a place to sleep, even if it was a chair on the damn bus. At least dickman told me they didn’t sleep on the bus with the guys, they were on the second bus.

“You need to sleep it off,” I said as I turned hoping to get away from her before it got worse. No such luck when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Turning I gave her the ‘fuck you bitch’ look, but she either didn’t care or was too drunk to notice.

“Listen, Cinder, or whatever your name is. Don’t make me hurt you…”


Be Opened to Change.

For the past five years I have carried the same purse made by Brahmin. It’s a beautiful wallet on string which I love. I couldn’t imagine having any other shoulder bag. It was small and compact. Perfect, because if I had a larger purse I had the tendency to fill it up with all types of things I didn’t need.

Old Brahim wallet on a string.
Old Brahim wallet on a string.

The wallet on a string also had sentimental value. My husband purchased it for me as a gift before he started the long journey of medical school. If you look up Brahmin handbags, you’ll see they carry a hefty price tag. Not extremely expensive but enough that someone like myself wouldn’t have a closet stocked with more than one. I also don’t switch my purse to match my outfit unless going out to a formal event. The reason, I’m usually in too big of a hurry to bother having packed my day with a weeks worth of things to do.

So when this bag I loved started to become worn out and I toyed with the idea of replacing it. I visited the Brahmin site and to my horror discovered my beloved wallet on a string was discontinued! After all it HAD been five years, but I didn’t care I wanted THAT purse.

After hunting on ebay for a new one with no such luck, we went to the local mall one afternoon to shop for some well needed clothes for my husband. As we walked through the mall, my husband saw the Brahmin store. Realizing I had been complaining for weeks about the fact my purse had been discontinued, he took control and shoved me inside the store. There he explained my situation to one of the lovely woman working the floor. She immediately went to a rack of the styles that had replaced my wonderful wallet bag. I stared in horror as they looked larger and weren’t what I had grown attached to and loved for the past five year. I mean how could I get used to all the compartments being located in a different area?

New Brahmin bag I love.
New Brahmin bag I love.

My husband, who despises shopping stared at me like I had two heads. “She’ll take this one,” he said and went to the register to pay for it. Sweat began to pour out from my brow. He was buying me this expensive purse AND he was going to expect me to use it! But how could I? This one was a huge change from my other bag.

He decided to withhold the purse until my birthday which was in two weeks. Good, because this allowed me a little more time to adjust to the idea of replacement of my leather appendage of the past five years.

On June 1st, my birthday,  I received my new Brahim bag. I opened it and placed in on a chair giving it the stare down for a few days. I knew I had to break away from my old worn-out love and replace it. As I switched all of my personal items from the old compact bag to the slightly larger one I discovered I no longer needed a separate cellphone wristlet, the new bag had a spot just for cellphones, also I could keep my sunglasses in this bag and it had a zipped in wallet to hold all credit and debit cards. It wasn’t too large or heavy at all. Suddenly I was in love. Change can be good! Sometimes we are stuck in our old ways and can’t see that doing something differently might just be the best thing for us after all.

Have you ever been stuck doing something one way, only to discover a new found freedom when someone or something makes you try to do it differently? Leave a comment and lets talk about it.


The Big Easy Blog Tour – Cozy Cove Series

iStock_000017057586XLargeThe Big Easy Blog Tour features authors and helps you understand the writing process. I was asked by the lovely Lynne St. James who just had a new release Embracing Her Surrender. You can find out more about Lynne at

What am I working on?

I’m just finishing up book two in my Cozy Cove series. This story takes is about Constance Lucas, Cookie to all of her friends. She was in book one as a close friend to the heroine Olivia and now she is about to be struck by the love in this story. Our hero is a new character to arrives in Cozy Cove and sets Cookie on fire.

How does my work differ from others in the same genre?

My contemporary romance stories take place in a small-town where the people are like quirky family and friends we all have met at some point in our lives. People we know and love. I like to add a touch of humor to a steamy romance. When the story ends there is no mistaking these two people are going to remain together.

Why I write what I do?

I like what I like to read but I also have a long list of book ideas. As a matter of fact I have a Sci-fi romance in the works as well. My imagination is endless and diverse. I plan on writing in several genres so look for a broad variety fro me in the future.

How does my writing process work?

I am not a plotter at all. I have an idea of the characters and a skeleton idea of the story but as I write and develop the characters, the plot unfolds naturally taking twists and turns in unexpected directions.
That means, characters are added all the time that I wasn’t expecting as they are needed to rule the storyline.

If you haven’t visited Cozy Cove and read book one in the series Irresistibly Delicious, the buy link is available on my webpage or my Amazon author page.

Released in January.
Released in January.



When We Reach Our Goals.

IMG_0713My life has been quite busy over the last few weeks. After years of hard work and dedication my husband graduated from medical school. I was thinking back about our long journey together. For as long as we have been together he has been in school, first college, then graduate, and then medical school. I am going to take a moment to brag, because he graduated with honors from both UCF and medical school.

We had a wonderful time at the graduation ceremony and after we returned home from our traveling, he said it was strange not to have to study for hours everyday. He said he finally reached a goal he had been pursuing for years. So many people don’t get to say that.

We are both very fortunate to be able to make that statement. I achieved my goal of becoming a published author last December and on June 9th my first book came out in print! None of this came easy for either of us and we are very grateful.IMG_4151

Now the second phase of the hard work begins. For me, I have almost completed my second book in this series and my husband will begin a residency program. The hard work isn’t over we are just shifting into a different part of the process.

So I ask you what are you goals? Have you reached them or still working on them like we are?



The Crazy Month of May.

This month has been a month filled with good news in a crazy sort of way. My house is finally getting the needed repairs from the tornado that hit us last February. It took this long for the insurance company to settle but now we’re well on our way to fixing the final issues.

IMG_0566I have been invited to be a featured artist at our local art gallery in town. So I am busy painting for the show.IMG_0569 My husband is graduating from Medical School after a long road of studying. He has taken on volunteering for Hospice and also has a medical missionary trip planned for early next year.

My Fragrance Irresistibly Delicious!
My Fragrance Irresistibly Delicious!

I made swag for a contest I am running for my book. SWAG is an author term for promotional materials for prizes.







All in all the month has been hectic, but in a good way. I look forward to June as the weather in central Florida grows warmer, I can’t wait to be outside enjoying the sunshine and writing by the pool. Do you have any summer trips planned? I’d love to hear about them.


Tiffany King’s – Misunderstandings Is A Must Read!!!

It’s my pleasure to have author Tiffany King on my blog today for the release of her book Misunderstandings. What are you reading now? Leave a comment and win a prize from me!!!!


A Woodfalls Girls Novel
by Tiffany King
Available Now
Purchase Links
“Funny, real, moving and passionate, Misunderstandings is a MUST-READ for NA contemporary romance fans.”New York Times bestselling author Samantha Young
“Super sweet and swoon-worthy!”— #1 New York Times Bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout
Just when she thought things were going up…
Two years after a devastating breakup, Brittni Mitchell has moved on from Justin Avery—or so she tells herself. But when she returns to Seattle for her best friend’s engagement party, Brittni finds herself the victim of a disastrously timed elevator breakdown. She’s trapped with the last person she wants to face, and forced to recount the past she desperately wants to forget.
She’s going to have to look back…
When Brittni left her podunk hometown for a big city college experience at the University of Washington, hooking up with a guy like Justin Avery was not part of her plan. Between Justin’s attention-grabbing tattoos, cigarette smoking, and bad boy attitude Brittni quickly chalked him up as “Mr. Wrong.” But his charm was unrelenting, and Brittni’s decision to give Justin a chance quickly turned into the worst choice she ever made.
So that she might be able to move forward.
Now she’s stuck with Justin—literally—and the complicated web of misunderstandings that tied up the truth for two years is about to unravel.
USA Today Bestselling author Tiffany King is a lifelong reading fanatic who is now living her dream as a writer, weaving Young Adult and New Adult romance tales for others to enjoy. She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids. (Five, if you count her three spoiled cats). Her addictions include: Her iPhone and iPad, chocolate, Diet Coke, chocolate, Harry Potter, chocolate, zombies and her favorite TV shows. Want to know what they are? Just ask.
For information on any of Author Tiffany’s titles, visit her blog at

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“Dreams do come true…Dream big.”



Everybody Needs A Little Romance Right?

IMG_2484Do you like to read a good historical, paranormal, contemporary or erotica? Well this blog has a treat for you! Today’s blogs has a taste of all of these!

To Love A Wicked Scoundrel is the first book out by Anabelle Bryant. If you haven’t met Anabelle you can find her at  and here is the link to her latest book – 966d5529c45b940a802b9d7222184670

This past week I have been asked by so many readers about the next installment of my Cozy Cozy series. First I want to say I loved writing IRRESISTIBLY DELICIOUS and I’m enjoying writing Cookie’s story right now. I appreciate how patient my readers are. This book would have been finished two months ago if I wasn’t still dealing with the tornado damage that hit my house back in February.

daf-cc-id3I love writing small-town contemporary romance with a touch of humor and a bit of suspense. Kind of like our own lives. We laugh, we cry, and hope for a happily-ever-after. At least in my stories, they do end up that way. Here is a link to my book: 

I’m fortune to be in the company of some wonderful writers in this blog hop. In celebration I’m giving away two copies of my book Irresistibly Delicious if you leave a comment below on my page. Have a wonderful Monday and remember we all need a little romance.



Available Now!
Available Now!

Cassandra Curtis –

Cassandra writes romantic comedy, paranormal erotic romance and erotic romance. Her latest book is here:

Here’s is Cassandra’s bio:

Author of the bestselling paranormal erotic romance series Shifting Tides and finalist in 2007’s EPIC awards, Ms. Curtis always loved reading tales of adventure, romance, mystery, and magic. Then one day she decided to try her hand at writing fiction. Penning both erotic romance under the name Cassandra Curtis, and romantic comedy as Cass Curtis, humor is a common thread in all her books.

Available now!
Available now!

Lynne St. James  – –

Lynne writes erotic romance. Her latest book can be found here:

Here is Lynne’s Bio:

Lynne St. James lives in the mostly sunny state of Florida with her husband, two dogs and two cats. She works in the Internet Technology industry and loves to escape to the worlds of her creation. When she’s not working, she’s writing, reading, taking pictures and sometimes cooking.

If Lynne had her way she’d travel all over the world and set a new book in each place she visited. Maybe someday!

Lynne is addicted to coffee and if she’s not at her desk you can usually find her hovering over her Keurig coffee maker waiting for the next cup to be ready.

Lynne has three books in her Vampires of Eternity Series published with Siren-Bookstrand. Her new series called Anamchara is releasing with JK Publishing.





Be Grateful – I’m Grateful For What I Have, Are you?

grateful-words-0111-2I awake each day looking forward to what new wonders await me. I wish that were the case with so many people I know. I naturally tend to avoid negative people. Not only is it draining, but sometimes these ungrateful people are so self consumed they don’t even realize how they sound. That maybe what they’re complaining about, someone else would be thankful to have.

Everyday, I have a friend who is constantly complaining about her job. Her list of complaints are in fact minimal. There’s nothing really wrong with it except for the fact that she’s actually tired of working, and would like to stay at home. The flip side of that is I have another friend who is desperately trying to find work. She would kill for my other friends’ position and salary, everyday she struggles to make ends meet, sometimes is not even sure of where their next meal will come from.

When I look at these two individuals facing different aspects of life each day. I am grateful for everything I have. A husband who loves me, a son who I adore, my wonderful dogs and a cat, a beautiful extended family and friends who are always there if I need them. My life is far from perfect, but I am grateful for what I have. When I was young I often heard the expression there is always someone worse off than you are. Back then, I wonder who the heck these people were? As a kid everything is the end of the world. But, how true that was. There were and still are people living in cars or on the streets. I grew up in a home.marriage-advice-gratitude-2-2

So as I leave you with this blog post today I ask you to be grateful and thankful for all you have. Life is too short not to be.



Is It Really Friday Already?

Relax and enjoy the sunshine.
Relax and enjoy the sunshine.

This morning, I flipped on the TV while I made my way to my Keurig coffee maker, only to discover it was Friday. Yes, I  somehow lost track of the days this week. Has that ever happened to you?

I realized while I sipped my coffee that a had a lot unexpected happenings crammed into my days. If you remember my house was hit by a tornado on  February 12th.  I’ve never had a major insurance claim on my home or dealt with the insurance company in a matter like this. Now my days are filled with estimates and repairmen draining my valuable time.


Somehow this week slipped by and now here we are faced with Friday and the weekend. What should I do with my valuable weekend?

Should I garden? A rose from my rose garden.
Should I garden? A rose from my rose garden.

I’ve been lost in writing book two in my Cozy Cove series among the delays and interruptions of my home repairs. I know I will be working on that, but what else should I do with these two precious days? I have so many things I want to accomplish and cram into my weekend. The weather is supposed to be perfect for outdoor activities. So I’ll ask you what are you plans for this weekend? Maybe it will spark another thing I can cram into my day.