About Debra

First off, call me Debbie everyone does. Even though I love the name Debra, I still jump a little inside when someone calls me by my full name. When I was growing up it was reserved for when I’d get in trouble. So Debbie is perfect for friends, and I hope we can be friends! I love connecting with readers!

I grew up in the small town of Kenilworth, NJ (exit 138 on the parkway). If you’re from NJ, you know what it means. When I say small town—it’s literally only two square miles! It was a wonderful place to grow up, just like a town out of a Norman Rockwell painting. It’s a tight knit community where I had the same friends from preschool through high school graduation.

I believe my childhood has given me the best foundation for writing small town romances. No matter what book I’m working on, it will have elements of small town life.

I played drums growing up, was in band for years, and even won a music scholarship. I also love to cook, and over the years I entered cooking contests and even won some. Yay for me! In high school, I took every art class—including woodshop, entered many competitions, and won. If you’ve seen some of my Facebook posts, you’ll know that as well as an author I’m an artist. When I paint, it is truly the most relaxing and peaceful thing I can do—and it recharges my batteries. You can see my oil paintings at www.debrafiskart.com for more information!

Another passion of mine is animals. I’m also a vegetarian. I have a wonderful husband, a grown son, three dogs, a cat, and three parakeets.

I moved to Florida over twenty years ago where met my husband and fell in love. Florida life is very different from where I grew up, but perfect for me in every way. I enjoy the sunshine and the heat since I’m always cold.

I’ve always been an avid reader and growing up I had a subscription to the Doubleday Book Club. I dreamed of having a library in my home and started buying hard-cover books to fill it, but I’m still waiting for that one. As a child, my sister and I would play “librarians” and make cards and check out books. When I got older I took a job at the Elizabeth Public Library as the Senior Accounting Clerk.

I read all types of books but fell in love with romance. After many years of reading, I wanted to write like the authors I loved. In 2010, I attended the RWA Literacy Signing and met many of my favorite authors, including Victoria Alexander, Madeline Hunter, and Sabrina Jefferies. I was lucky to be invited to Sabrina Jefferies’ Suite where they were having a party for authors and readers, and it was there I was convinced to follow my passion.

It took a few years but I did it. My first published book was IRRESISTIBLY DELICIOUS, in the Cozy Cove Series, and was followed by IRRESISTIBLY DANGEROUS. This summer, I will have two more books coming out. The first will be a Kindle Worlds book called ONLY IN YOUR ARMS. I’ll follow that up with SUMMER HEAT, the first book in my new 4M Ranch Series. Early 2017, I hope to release the first book in my cozy mystery series!!!

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